Photographs allow us to stop and cherish a singular, fleeting moment in time forever. Steven Wu has passionately pursued the art of capturing such moments for over two decades.

Steven has an innate sense and artistic eye for capturing images that reflect his subjects' individuality and honesty. His photographic skills also include the ability to tell a story through his lens. Clients often comment that Steven's images have managed to amazingly document the unique qualities and subtle expressions that are true and genuine to those individuals. He prefers to work in a candid, spontaneous way with limited photographer intervention so that the subject is more relaxed, bringing out their true personality. Steven is especially great with kids. Kids are naturally drawn to him, which works out great because he loves kids too.

Steven currently resides in New York City with his wife and their beautiful daughter. He works on location throughout the New York City metro area and is also available for commercial work in the US and internationally.


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